Autos and aviation have a close relationship that stems from their pioneering days, when engineers frequently straddled the world of land and air. British ingenuity and resolve was especially prominent in both industries from the early 20th century, creating a strong synergy that has survived to this day. The heroic age of British aviation is the inspiration behind the latest Q Series dealer commission from Aston Martin. The Q Vanquish S Coupe Red Arrows edition is a homage to one of the world’s most accomplished aerobatic display teams. Founded in 1965, the RAF Red Arrows made a dramatic impression from its very first display, and has gone on to showcase impressive feats of piloting skill and co-ordination with its spectacularly timed formation routines.


Since 1980, the Arrows have flown the iconic BAE Systems Hawk, an enduring feat of aviation design that suits the pilots’ requirements for fluid analogue controls and a direct connection between man and machine.

There will only be 10 examples of the Vanquish S Red Arrows (with nine for sale), each finished in striking Eclat Red to evoke the Arrows’ famous livery. Inside, the full Q by Aston Martin- Commission treatment has been deployed on a host of special features, including graphic and design elements inspired by the visual language of aeronautical engineering.


The Q Vanquish S Red Arrows edition has many subtle bodywork and interior enhancements. These include white and blue carbon livery detailing, as well as a distinctive white “smoke trail” feature along the side strake. The Vanquish’s exposed carbon fibre roof panel is inlaid with a winding “charge” pattern to mimic the ejection seat break points in the canopy of a fast jet. Discrete Union Jack enamel badges — made with the same exquisite care and attention as Aston Martin’s iconic wings — and a titanium exhaust finish the exterior.

Eclat Red evokes the Arrows’ famous livery while interior features are inspired by aviation and jet design

Colour is a vital component of this Q by Aston Martin- Commission project. The RAF-inspired Pinewood green inserts in the interior trim are paired with green webbing seat belts with the official logo of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team embroidered on the transmission tunnel. A final touch is added by the rear-mounted twin racing helmets with the Red Arrows livery. Other touches include a black and yellow hatching pattern on the seat fold and door pulls, and the embroidered form of the Arrows performing the classic “Vixen Break” manoeuvre.


This is the third aviation-related Q by Aston Martin- Commission from Aston Martin Cambridge, following the V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 Edition and the Vantage S Blades Edition, a tribute to the Blades Aerobatic Display Team. The Red Arrows edition, announced appropriately enough in the giant former RAF hangar at Aston Martin’s new facility in St Athan, South Wales, demonstrates that the Vanquish S is the perfect machine to be associated with performers such as the Red Arrows, as well as a striking canvas upon which Q by Aston Martin- Commission can showcase its own set of special skills.

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