Conceptualised as the world’s ultimate hypercar, Aston Martin Valkyrie artfully combines cutting-edge performance and aerodynamics with a bold purity of form. Borne from the marque’s collaboration between Red Bull Advanced Technologies and AF Racing AG, Valkyrie’s unique design also encompasses the very best in F1 technology.

Now, with its completion date drawing ever nearer, Aston Martin has released a new video showing footage of the Valkyrie’s on-track test drives, complete with voiceover from Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman.

“This is a car that has the capability to be outstanding on the track, but it’s road-legal,” Reichman explains. “Every 0.1 of a millimetre has been configured — every gram — to keep the car at the 1:1 power-to-weight ratio we set out to do… it’s an unbelievable car.”

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