Every designer likes a blank sheet of paper, but even the most adventurous approach is governed by the laws of physics and the demands of aerodynamics. When Aston Martin, Red Bull Advanced Technology and AF Racing teamed up to create the ultimate hypercar, the aim was to create the purest possible form, without compromising function or beauty. The result is the Aston Martin Valkyrie, a car driven by performance, shaped by aerodynamics and finely honed by design and proportion. 

A new milestone in the Aston Martin Valkyrie’s development was recently reached with the unveiling of the hypercar’s interior. Outside and in, the rules of road car design have been rewritten, from the full length Venturi tunnels that run on either side of the cockpit, sucking air beneath the car into the massive rear diffuser to generate downforce to the minimal detailing. Inside, the cockpit derives its layout and form from a modern racing car, with seats fixed directly to the carbon fibre tub, so driver and passenger adopt a “feet-up” position more akin to a modern Le Mans prototype car. 

AM Valkyrie

The minimal, weight-saving approach has been carried over to the instrumentation, with steering-wheel-mounted controls and information display for major systems, and twin screens replacing the exterior mirrors. Four-point harness seatbelts are fitted as standard, while the steering wheel detaches to allow easier ingress. The mix of Alcantara, exposed carbon fibre and metal detailing emphasises the minimalist approach, one where form is shaped according to function and efficiency. 

By shaping the body around aerodynamic requirements, the design and engineering team have done away with the need for spoilers and other devices that might compromise the hypercar’s form. Every millimetre and gram counts: the Aston Martin wings badge on the nose is formed from a sliver of chemical-etched aluminium, thinner than a human hair, while the rear-mounted, high-level LED stop light is the world’s smallest at less than a square centimetre. Each Aston Martin Valkyrie is effectively tailor-made around its owner, creating the perfect ergonomic space in which to experience a road car unlike any other.

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