Intensity. Driven


The next physical iteration of the new wings will be their appearance on Aston Martin’s next-generation sports cars. However, the new identity goes much further, as the visual presentation of every aspect of Aston Martin is refined and enhanced for a new era. “The new wings are the standard-bearer for this transformation,” says Cathal Loughnane, Head of Aston Martin Partnerships, who is overseeing these far-reaching changes. 


“What we have created with Peter Saville is a global identity built upon 109 years of heritage,” says Loughnane. “While we have evolved and optimised the design for the new digital era, we have also ensured that it still works as a traditional three-dimensional physical form. Every badge will still be hand-enamelled.” 


Intensity. Driven


Two bespoke fonts were designed for Aston Martin by the Dalton Maag Typeface Design Studio in collaboration with Saville. The first will adorn all of the company’s print communications. The second is a digital variant, designed for screens and phones. Another integral component is a renewed emphasis on the company’s historic relationship with racing green. The custom-designed Aston Martin Racing Green created for the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team will become increasingly prominent, emphasising the brand’s racing origins and its presence at the top tier of global motorsport. Tradition thus goes hand in hand with revolution, helping Aston Martin get in shape for an exciting future.


At the core of Aston Martin’s new brand expression and creative identity is the phrase Intensity. Driven. Created to celebrate the emotional intensity of driving an Aston Martin, and the importance of the brand’s performance DNA, Intensity. Driven is a succinct shorthand for the visceral impact every Aston Martin gives its driver. 


Intensity. Driven


Renato Bisignani, Aston Martin’s Head of Global Marketing and Communications, describes the brand story as “the next phase in our reinvention of the Aston Martin brand. We want to unleash its global potential and maximise our unique position at the cutting edge of ultra-luxury and high performance.” 


“Every object we design at Aston Martin has deep meaning and intention, and is created with honesty and emotion. As we approach an exciting moment of product evolution, the design of the new wings was no different,” says Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin. “Every millimetre of each line — of each shape within the new wings — is drawn from the depths of our 109-year Aston Martin creative wellspring. Adding Peter Saville, an icon in British graphic design and an inspirational creative figure to me personally, took our exploration and evolution of the wings to another level.” 


Intensity. Driven


As Aston Martin enters a new era of design and technology, it will continue to provide a unique and highly emotional sensorial driving experience, strengthening its position at the pinnacle of the performance ultra-luxury segment.



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