For James Bond's 25th film outing, No Time To Die, Q by Aston Martin has created a pair of very special Aston Martins, with enhancements from Q by Aston Martin-Commission. Just 25 examples of the DBS Superleggera 007 Edition, built to the specification used in the film, plus 100 units of a special Aston Martin Vantage 007 Edition will be made.

"The Aston Martin V8 made its debut in The Living Daylights, complete with outrider skis, rockets and the like," says Henry Cozon, Senior Manager of Q and VIP Sales. "We wanted to create a modern Aston Martin Vantage that evoked the qualities and characteristics of both that 1987 film and No Time To Die, in which the Aston Martin V8 is prominently featured." 

Used as the agent's primary mode of transport once he returns to London, the elegant muscularity of the legendary Aston Martin V8 is very much in keeping with the image of Daniel Craig's Bond. The new Vantage serves as the base for this double cinematic homage, finished in the Cumberland Grey of the original - an exclusive Q colour - with a flash of bold yellow that starts at the base of the splitter and runs around the car's side sills, culminating at the rear diffuser.

Cinematic triumphs: Q by Aston Martin’s 007 Editions

The DBS Superleggera 007 Edition

Other references abound in the Vantage 007 Edition. The most notable - should you specify it - is the rack and set of bespoke skis, unique to this edition. "It acknowledges the film, but it's also very practical," says Cozon. "The Vantage is a sports car that you can take for touring." A final external flourish is a unique front grille, subtly differentiated from the newly introduced Vantage grille, with a bespoke mesh that references the original V8 design and surrounded by a chrome bezel. The square-cut pattern is also used in the fender vent behind the front wheels, alongside a unique Vantage badge, as well as on the mesh detailing around the exhaust tips. 

Available as both manual and automatic, the Vantage 007 Edition also features an Aston Martin Racing wheel design, featured in a unique silver colour developed by Q. "Again, this is an interpretation of the original V8's wheels," Cozon says.

Cinematic triumphs: Q by Aston Martin’s 007 Editions

The Vantage 007 Edition

Another Aston Martin appearing in the latest Bond movie is the DBS Superleggera. The special 007 Edition is built on the specification of the car driven by Lashana Lynch's "00" agent Nomi in the film, complete with distinctive interior and exterior branding. "There are dedicated Q features on the car, in terms of the leather, colour and foil details," says Dan Bullimore, Leader, Product Strategy and Planning, Aston Martin GT. "We're using the directional wheel design that originally debuted with the car, but which is now no longer available. Likewise, the colour - Ceramic Grey - is a unique combination that can only be achieved with this edition."

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