The Aston Martin DB11 Volante made its debut in a spectacular design landscape, set alongside an equally intriguing piece of architecture. Located in the desert surrounding Palm Springs, the contemporary Guard House was designed by the LA-based firm of Studio AR&D as a gateway for a much larger residential development up in the hills. The clients bought the sprawling property back in 2004 and the development of what is now known as Desert Palisades will go hand in hand with the surrounding landscape. “Anything less than the plan that is in place would have been cheating Mother Nature,” they say, noting the renaissance of interest in both the city itself and a “renewed, contemporary approach to mid-century architecture”. “We have a lot to live up to here in Palm Springs,” admits Sean Lockyer of AR&D. “It’s a mecca for modern architecture and enthusiasts. We try to be well-connected to the landscape, using organic materials and greater technology then what was available 50 years ago.” 


glass windows

The Guard House is a preview of what’s to come, crafted from steel and concrete with a dramatic 34-foot cantilever poised above a 12-foot boulder to create a tension between the natural and man-made. “We are much more connected to a climate where we can embrace the garden and landscape on an everyday basis,” says Lockyer. 


With 110 lots available, there’s huge potential for architectural expression ahead.;

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