There has never been a more exciting time to drive an Aston Martin. Launched at Geneva in Spring 2017, AMR is a focused high-performance brand that’s designed to build on the long-standing connection between Aston Martin’s road and race cars. AMR, together with the even more focused AMR Pro label, brings performance to the fore, increasing power and dynamic ability while also featuring unique exterior and interior design elements, all inspired by the track.


The Rapide AMR is the ultimate in four-door sporting luxury

Ultimately, there will be AMR derivatives available for every Aston Martin in the range, but the brand was launched with these two, very special cars. First up is the Rapide AMR, the ultimate in fast four-door sporting luxury. Intended to showcase the dynamic and visual blueprint for all future AMR models, the Rapide debuted in the brand’s signature colours — Stirling Green bodywork with vibrant lime green accents that bring to mind the bold livery details of Aston Martin’s racing cars through the decades.


The interior combines carbon fibre shell seat, dark Alcantara trim and carbon detailing

Rapide AMR is powered by a 600PS version of the 6.0-litre V12, the iconic engine that has underpinned Aston Martin’s modern-era renaissance. Naturally aspirated and breathing through a new quad exhaust system, it delivers the kind of power, noise and presence that befits the world’s fastest four-door. A top speed of 210mph is a major statement of intent, as are the new design grille and enhanced aerodynamics package, which include side sills, front splitter and rear diffuser. Carbon fibre is brought to the fore, highlighted by the flashes of lime green that run both inside and out.

The AMR series isn’t just about physical performance, but visual drama as well. Inside the Rapide AMR, the combination of carbon fibre seat shells, dark Alcantara trim and carbon detailing showcases the craft of car-making that Aston Martin has made its own, referencing the focused cockpit of dedicated racing machine without losing the tactile quality of rich, contemporary materials.


The Vantage AMR Pro is intended for track use and incorporates motorsport-derived styling

AMR Pro goes further. The Vantage AMR Pro is perhaps the most extreme iteration of a legendary car. Intended for track-use only, with a 507PS engine derived from the GT4 race car, this is the most powerful V8 Vantage ever built. The motorsport-derived styling is for purpose, not for show, with bonnet and rear wing taken from the World Endurance Championship winner.


AMR cars will be produced in strictly limited runs, and AMR Pro cars will be even more scarce. Both showcase a marque’s close attachment to its racing roots, providing powerful statements of intent for those who desire the ultimate in Aston Martin performance.

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