Over the past half century, Seattle-based studio Olson Kundig has built a reputation as one of America’s finest residential architects. Founders Jim Olson and Tom Kundig, aided by their team, craft houses situated in the country’s most spectacular landscapes. An Olson Kundig design fuses architecture, technology and nature with big, tough detailing and rugged materials — often dovetailed into the very geology of the site itself — that allow houses to open up to their surroundings or be secure, luxurious enclosures from the elements.

This new residence in Massachusetts sits on the cusp between forest and meadow, with vast windows bringing the outside in. The studio’s signature palette of warm wood, leather and steel is paired with hand-operated chain-winding systems for opening the windows, a tactile, physical interaction with the architecture. The entire structure is raised up above the ground to exploit far-reaching mountain views and protect the occupants from insects and the elements. The result is a unique modern retreat that integrates completely with its surroundings.

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