“The process was totally collaborative and intensely creative. I was given the freedom to think outside the box and make something special. I love the result. For me, it was all inspired by the idea of the predator. We created visuals with heavy shadow, letting people glimpse the shape and amazing lines of the car. But it’s half hidden, giving it a real sense of danger. We’ve shown just enough to whet your appetite and leave you hungry for more. The animals we used were a fantastic finishing touch. They’re breathtaking and they add such a sense of drama to each still. The car, the predators, they all worked together and came out beautifully.” - Rankin, Photographer



For the new Aston Martin Vantage’s debut portfolio, the celebrated fashion photographer Rankin was commissioned to bring his bold creative vision. The London-based photographer has re-shaped the way we perceive fashion and beauty since he began work on Dazed and Confused, the magazine he co-founded with Jefferson Hack in 1992. Since then, his unique aesthetic has shaped fashion shoots and commercial work. In particular demand as a portrait photographer, Rankin has taken celebrated images of everyone from the Queen to Daniel Craig, David Bowie and Kate Moss. Over the course of his career he has published around 30 photographic monographs and directed many music videos,as well as undertaken extensive fundraising work for the charity Women’s Aid


AM Vantage Rankin

For Aston Martin, Rankin chose to create a portrait of an animalistic machine, rendered in strikingly deep shadow to emphasise the sinuous muscularity of the car. Paired with real animals, the result is a challenging portrayal of automotive beauty. “My ambition was to create images that make the hairs on your neck stand up,” Rankin explains. “It’s about high-intensity, maximum impact — pictures that get your pulse racing with the urgency of the V8 engine at full throttle.” 

The new Vantage is a flowing form evolved from a single line, a simple statement of intent that makes a dramatic statement. “The Vantage is instinctive. It’s unadorned. Stripped of armour. Raw and focused,” says Marek Reichman, Aston Martin’s Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer. “This car was always going to be an elemental object.” Rankin’s camera has encapsulated that raw sensibility.

AM wolf back of car

“Rankin has a wonderful way of capturing the car as art and you can’t work with an artist and then constrain them. These images are about two brands coming together to create beautiful art.” - Marek Reichman, Aston Martin’s Executive Vice Presidentand Chief Creative Officer


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