Aston Martin debuts its fastest series production car to date in the form of the new DB11 AMR, a vivacious and dynamic upgrade to this exceptional V12-engined GT car. Aston Martin’s AMR series was created to push the performance envelope, adding another dimension of handling and power to distinctive, limited-edition cars that represent the purest distillation of Aston Martin’s sporting prowess. 


The DB11 AMR receives a 30bhp power boost, delivering a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 208mph. The handling, transmission and exhaust note have all been fettled to give the car a more immediate, purposeful character. Three special Designer Specifications are available, in addition to the limited-run DB11 AMR Signature Edition that incorporates the striking Stirling Green and Lime livery that has come to define AMR. With additional carbon fibre detailing, Dark Knight leather, Alcantara and Lime accents, the AMR Signature Edition evokes Aston Martin’s legendary endurance racers, inside and out.


DB11 AMR follows on from Vantage AMR and AMR Pro, the final flourish of the iconic previous generation. A full suite of specialist AMR branded accessories is also available, including a set of tailored luggage and further carbon fibre enhancements. DB11 AMR will soon be joined by Rapide AMR, completing this set of striking machines.

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