Introduced this spring, the Aston Martin V12 Speedster is a triumphant example of the close collaboration between Q by Aston Martin and Aston Martin Design. It took 12 months for the V12 Speedster to go from conception to reality, with a production run of 88 examples planned throughout 2020 and 2021. V12 Speedster demonstrates Aston Martin’s expertise in limited production manufacturing, with a blend of bespoke design, cutting-edge engineering and dynamic, visceral performance, creating a living show car that encapsulates the values of the brand.

The design of V12 Speedster draws inspiration from two key cars, the CC100 Speedster Concept built to celebrate Aston Martin’s Centenary in 2013, as well as one of the most important Aston Martins of all time — the 1959 Le Mans winning DBR1.

Q by Aston Martin: Presenting the V12 Speedster DBR1 Specification

To honour this connection, Q by Aston Martin has created a special designer edition of the V12 Speedster, the DBR1 Specification, that enhances the key design elements of the car and its relationship to its legendary forebears. The Aston Martin DBR1 was a pure racing model, just as V12 Speedster is a purist driving machine. The new car is finished in Aston Martin Racing Green, with the distinctive Clubsport Gloss White roundels on doors and bonnet, while a mix of carbon fibre, gloss satin silver, smoked taillights and other dark accents give the V12 Speedster a purposeful appearance. Inside, the special Q Forest Green Caithness Leather is paired with Viridian Green technical textile seat inserts, with details hand-made from saddle leather. 

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