If you’ve ever struggled to explain the irresistible allure of the Aston Martin DB5 to your offspring, try this: the Aston Martin DB5 Junior model, a faithfully scaled replica of a DB5. Childhood just got a whole lot more appealing. The original DB5 made its silver screen debut as James Bond’s car in Goldfinger in 1964. It made further appearances in the spy series, most recently in Spectre (2015), and will appear in the 25th Bond film, No Time to Die, later this year. 

Values of original DB5s have grown exponentially over the decades as wistful owners go in search of possibly the most graceful GT ever to wear the Aston badge. Such is the desirability of the model that Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell is in the middle of a programme to build 25 DB5 Goldfinger continuation cars to celebrate the enduring relationship between the marque and James Bond.

Small wonders: The Little Car Company launches new DB5 model

Meanwhile, for the next generation of Bond fans, there’s this, the gorgeous DB5 Junior, produced by The Little Car Company in close collaboration with Aston Martin. The two-thirds scale model is available in two versions, the standard Junior and the DB5 Vantage Junior which, like the adult version, has a performance upgrade.

Small wonders: The Little Car Company launches new DB5 model

Electric power tops out at 5kW, or 6.7bhp, and drives the rear wheels. With the car weighing just 270kg, it’s capable of 30mph — plenty for a novice driver. Authenticity is key: the Junior sports the same badges as the original car, with a dashboard filled with Smiths dials and Smiths clock. There’s a carefully crafted, two-thirds-scale wooden steering wheel, ass well as working headlights, brake lights, indicators and horn.

The standard colour is the original DB5’s famous Silver Birch, with a full black leather interior and carpets.  Under the bonnet sits a removable battery pack with a 20-mile charge. There are three driving modes: Novice, which limits top speed to 12mph and delivers just 1.3bhp (1kW) of power; Expert, which delivers 6.7bhp and a 30mph top speed; and Race, which enables budding racing drivers to go from rest to 37mph in six seconds, with a top speed of 42mph.

Small wonders: The Little Car Company launches new DB5 model

The DB5 Vantage Junior version has an additional mode: Vantage. Operated by a “hidden missile switch”, it doubles the power output to 13.4bhp, which means an increased top speed of 42mph. To cope with the power hike, there’s even a limited-slip differential for better traction. 

Expert and Race modes have a “Balance of Performance” setting, which allows acceleration and top speed “to be aligned with other Little Car Company models for competition on an even playing field”, according to the car’s makers. And it’s not just for children: the Little Car Company confirms that a full-sized adult can experience the go-kart-like handling of this miniature GT.

Small wonders: The Little Car Company launches new DB5 model

Pricing for the DB5 Junior starts at £35,000 plus local taxes, while the Vantage Junior is a further £10,000 plus taxes. Existing DB5 owners will be given first refusal on their DB5 Junior chassis number to match their adult-sized car. 


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