Q by Aston Martin gives customers the ability to create a truly unique Aston Martin, a car that reflects their taste, inspiration and passions. Working closely with Aston Martin’s design studio, Q by Aston Martin offers both distinct Collections and unique Customisations. This unique Aston Martin DBS Superleggera has been created in close collaboration with Nicolas Bijan, the owner of the legendary Beverly Hills men’s fashion boutique, Bijan on Rodeo Drive.

Bijan’s father, the late Bijan Pakzad, opened his store in 1976 and quickly acquired a reputation for exclusivity, elegance and a truly distinctive style. Clients included film stars and politicians, as well as other fashion designers. Famed for its men’s and women’s fragrances as well as the cut of its suits, the Bijan tradition is now maintained by Bijan’s son, Nicolas Bijan. 420 Rodeo Drive is a famed fashion destination with a strong automotive connection — the store is usually signposted by bold automotive statements commissioned by Bijan over the decades, including exclusive cars by Rolls-Royce and Bugatti, proudly sitting beside a bespoke Bijan yellow parking meter.

Q by Aston Martin

Aston Martin is the fashion house’s newest collaborator. Working closely with Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin Lagonda, Marek Reichman, Nicolas Bijan has specified a unique car that deploys Q by Aston Martin’s many skills. The most striking element is, of course, the paintwork. The car’s signature “Bijan Yellow” hue was especially created to match the colour used throughout the Bijan fashion empire. The DBS’s sculpted bonnet is further enhanced by a subtle “Ghosted” paisley pattern, visible at certain angles, which was created by the hand application of fine glass flakes in the top coat of lacquer. The Bijan logo has been treated as a decorative pattern on the Aeroblade II fixed rear spoiler and also features on the DBS Superleggera’s flanks alongside the carbon fibre vehicle badge. The Aston Martin wings badge is also finished in carbon fibre, while a bold yellow pinstripe detail accents the carbon fibre bonnet and fender louvres.

Interior of the Aston Martin

Inside, Bijan Yellow stitching is used in the Phantom Grey leather seats, alongside the alligator leather seat, door and arm rest inserts. Thanks to Bijan’s trusted suppliers, Aston Martin’s team was able to ethically source the alligator hide and use this material for the first time in an Aston Martin. Additionally, Bijan foil motifs — 150 in total, each applied by hand — are set into the Piano Black trim inlays, while there’s also a yellow enamel fill on the Q buckle badge.

Every detail adds up to create a coherent whole, fulfilling Nicolas Bijan’s desire to make a striking design statement out of the world’s most beautiful super GT. Bijan’s customers will not only see the car outside 420 Rodeo Drive, they will also get the opportunity to acquire this exclusive specification through Q by Aston Martin, either in signature yellow or in their own choice of colour.

“Quality, elegance and attention to detail are a few things that the House of Bijan and Aston Martin Lagonda brands both share,” says Bijan. “This beautiful series of drivable art represents a marriage between automobiles and fashion."

Q by Aston Martin

The end result fulfils Bijan’s desire to make a striking design statement. “The details found on the Bijan Edition DBS could not have been executed by anyone other than the talented team at Q by Aston Martin,” the designer says. “I am honoured to have collaborated with such a professional and creative group.”

bijan.com  astonmartin.com/q

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