The path to owning an Aston Martin is not always swift. A bespoke motor car requires time, skill and exceptional effort in its creation; this is not an off-the-shelf experience. Kris Singh is more than familiar with the art of expectation. As a long-standing fan of the brand, the Miami-based financier is one of a select group of owners who are eagerly awaiting delivery of an Aston Martin Valkyrie. Announced in July 2016 as the AM-RB 001, the Valkyrie project has been one of the most secretive and innovative programmes ever undertaken by Aston Martin, pushing design and technology to the absolute limit. Singh shares one quality with his fellow owners-to-be: patience. This is tempered by fevered anticipation for what promises to be one of the most dramatic and powerful road-going sports cars of all time. 

Through a career in finance, taking in venture capital and private equity, Singh has found himself in a position to indulge a love of the most extreme manifestations of cutting-edge car design and automotive performance. After founding Tequesta Capital, he set up a new investment company, AVenture Capital, overseeing investments across sectors including technology, hospitality and, of course, automotive. This makes him well-placed to advise manufacturers, OEMs and dealerships about future strategies, as well as giving him the chance to assemble a car collection of limited-edition and special-run vehicles from manufacturers like Lamborghini and Koenigsegg, as well as Aston Martin. 

Automobiles have been a life-long passion. “Cars were the first things that I found myself attracted to as a child in a way that I couldn’t fully understand,” he confesses, “I was intrigued by the shapes and sounds and I was curious to learn about them.” His introduction to Aston Martin was, as for so many others, through cinema. “I first became aware of Aston Martin from the James Bond movies,” he says. “This led to me learning more about the brand, its history and all the cars outside of the 007 franchise.” 

As well as being involved in the latest and most dramatic Aston Martin of all, Singh has a true appreciation of earlier iconic models. “My favourite is the DB4 GT Zagato,” he enthuses. “It makes my heart skip a beat. But, in truth, I actually prefer the current designs the most of any Aston Martins in history. The 2018 Vanquish Zagato series are some of the most beautiful cars that have ever been made, along with the One-77, Vulcan, DBS Superleggera, and of course the Valkyrie.” 

The Aston Martin Valkyrie

Singh’s long-standing admiration for the marque ensured he learned about the Valkyrie project long before the rest of the world. “Dr Andy Palmer actually told me some minor details about what was coming a few years before anyone publicly talked about the project,” he admits. “I am a big fan of Andy’s and from those few words and the look in his eyes, I immediately wanted to be part of this project.” Involved from the outset, Singh has nothing but praise for the customer experience. “The Valkyrie process has been amazing. I visited Gaydon — the factory is a breath of fresh air compared to other manufacturers. It felt like a natural and creative workspace fuelled by a very passionate group of people.” Like every Valkyrie customer, the path to ownership involves collaboration, ensuring each car is individually tailored. “It is very special to talk with people who share the same passion while they are creating what will probably be the world’s ultimate V12 performance car.” 

The Valkyrie will probably be the world’s ultimate V12 performance car

Every Valkyrie will be unique, naturally, but there’s one element that sets Singh’s car truly apart. While talking with Aston Martin’s Director of Design Miles Nurnberger, the two discussed aerospace influence on car design. “It stuck with me,” Singh recalls, “and on the long plane ride back to Miami I came up with the idea of adding particles from space into the paint. It just seems to suit the Valkyrie perfectly.” Singh called up a friend who had worked on his expansive collection of custom car colours and told him his vision. The next step was finding the material. “It took a while to find real moon rock and even longer to find a way to legally purchase it, but it was something I was set on doing and it all came together,” he says. “The paint is still being developed, but I am confident it will shine in a very intergalactic way, truly befitting of the Valkyrie.”

 This car will be driven. “I firmly believe that cars that sit become statues,” Singh states. “I’m sure there will be plenty of random spottings of my car, ranging from race tracks to grocery stores. I will enjoy using the Valkyrie for all activities. With a car that special, everything is an experience and an event.” These sightings will be mirrored by Singh’s own Instagram, a wildly popular channel that chronicles his supercar life. “When I was a kid we had so little information and images of these crazy cars,” he explains. “I think it’s amazing that kids today get to take in so much content and I enjoy sharing my real-life ownership experiences with all of them.”

Singh’s Aston Martin association won’t stop once this out-of-the-world car is delivered. “The upcoming generation of mid-engine Aston Martins will shake up the industry,” he predicts. “I believe that Aston Martin has some magic right now and it is going to show its fullest potential in these mid-engine super- and hyper- cars. There has never been a better time for Aston Martin enthusiasts. I consider it a great honour to know the team and to be able to own and drive the Valkyrie. We are in for quite a ride.” 

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