The American sportsman Tom Brady is one of the most renowned and respected athletes of all time. He is the first quarterback in NFL history to win five Super Bowl championships and the only player to have won them all playing for a single team, the New England Patriots. Brady now has a new role. As a long-term fan and owner of Aston Martins, Brady will be working with Aston Martin’s VP & Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, on a new curated content series, Category of One, premiering later this year. We spoke to Tom about his passions and ambitions for this bold new venture.

AM: Tell us how your association with Aston Martin came about.

TB: I had always been a fan of the brand. I loved the timeless, classic silhouette of all of its models and their performance is unmatched. To me, Aston Martin has always stood for an understated elegance. I thought the association was a great fit. It has an incredible design and process for manufacturing its hand-built cars — I see them as works of art. The deeper you dig, the more fascinating it is, so everything came together very naturally once a friend of mine put me in touch with them.

AM: What does Aston Martin mean to you?

TB: I’ve always been fascinated by Aston Martin’s dedication and commitment to its craft. That’s how I try to approach football, so its process resonates deeply with me. Like me, I can see that it is determined to succeed year after year and it places its trust in its methods above all else. It has been cool to see that dedication to improvement embedded in everything Aston Martin does.


Tom Brady with the DB11. As part of his partnership with Aston Martin, he will be helping to design a limited-edition version of the 2018 Vanquish S

AM: Which Aston Martin do you drive and why?

TB: I drive the new DB11. I love its combination of modern technology with a timeless look. I do feel that all Aston Martins are amazing and all beautifully built. As you drive them you can really sense how they’ve accounted for every detail in their creation. The result is very powerful, in every sense.

AM: How is the brand perceived in your professional world?

TB: Aston Martin is the standard of excellence in cars — and rightfully so. There isn’t a company like it. It’s at the top. It’s dedicated to giving the driver the best experience.

AM: Have you set out to achieve what you wanted in football?

TB: I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished, but I still love playing the game so much, so I really don’t intend to stop any time soon. In general, there’s not much room to get complacent in my job — there’s always someone out there working harder, smarter. I try to go out there and be the best player and teammate I can be every day to put our team in a position to succeed — that’s my goal.

AM: What do you see in your future?

TB: Hopefully more football and more championships! I hope to take all that I’ve learned over a lifetime of playing football to help people achieve their own peak performance in whatever they love to do. It saddens me to see people shy away from an active lifestyle, or stop playing the sports they love, for risk of injuring themselves. It’s the result of a broken training system and I hope to fix that with my team at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center by educating people on our methods. Most importantly, I hope to be the best father and husband I can be. I plan to spend more time with my family, watch my kids grow and be there for them in every way. All in all, I look forward to what’s ahead and the best is yet to come.

AM: What words of advice do you have for young athletes and sportsmen and women?

TB: Focus, discipline and commitment. There are always going to be athletes that are bigger, faster, stronger or more athletic, but you can always work harder and smarter. Never let other people put limits on what you want to achieve and always play to win. Never play with fear. I was doubted my entire career, but I always treated every practice like a game and I never lost faith that my dedication and love for the game would help me accomplish my goals.

AM: How do you hope to use your role at Aston Martin?

TB: Aston Martin is in a class of its own when it comes to craftsmanship. I’m excited to learn from Aston Martin and help it tell that story to more people. I think there’s a lot of crossover between its approach and what I try to do with my own approach to football and life. By always holding yourself to the highest standard, you actualise your human potential.

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