From 2021, a new address in Miami will mark the beginning of a new chapter for a brand with 104 years of history. The Aston Martin Residences at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way are due to break ground this autumn, a key moment in a five-year journey to create what will become one of the city’s most recognisable landmarker. 

The Aston Martin Residences are the result of a collaboration between G and G Business Developments — the real estate arm of the Coto family, owners of the eponymous Argentinian supermarket chain — and Aston Martin itself. Germán Coto, CEO of G and G Business Developments, is a long-term fan of the Aston Martin brand, but has only recently become an owner. He talked to AM about the origins of the project, his Aston Martin connection and the rich vein of collaboration that will run through this spectacular piece of residential architecture. 

Germán Coto

Interior design details are finalised in the studio.

“We designed the building to fit in with the land and the environment around it,” he says of the Biscayne Boulevard Way site. “Once we had invested in the land, we worked with the architects to define the space. The location, right next to the water with stunning views, was perfect for a luxury residential development.” The partnership with Aston Martin began once the plot was secured. “We recognised straight away how special the plot was — we knew from the start that whatever we decided to build had to be spectacular,” he says. 

“Once we had the outline plan, we began exploring partnership opportunities with luxury brands. Our goal was to find a company ready to work hand-in-hand with our design team and architects to define a luxury style, to put its mark on the project, bringing an authentic design experience.”

Our goal was to find a company ready to work hand-in-hand with our design team

The Aston Martin Residences are certainly dramatic. Shaped like a sail, the building presents a sharp profile, enhancing the waterfront with curves that rise up through its 66 storeys. 

Containing 391 condos in total, along with eight exceptional penthouses, the Residences were designed by Revuelta Architecture and Bodas Miani Anger, with the shared interior spaces shaped by Aston Martin's own design team, led by Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman.

Germán Coto

The proposed Aston Martin Residents tower.

“When we met the AM team at Gaydon, everything clicked into place,” Coto says. “We knew it would work. Both our design teams have been fully integrated and have been collaborating on the project ever since.” 

The Coto family rose to prominence in retail throughout the 1980s and 1990s. “As a family, we believe in the power of people,” says Coto. “We understand that collaborations and partnerships are successful if people are willing to work together to achieve a common goal. I’m proud of the relationship we have created with Aston Martin across all areas — business, design and communication.”

The location, right next to the water with stunning views, was perfect for a luxury residential development

Design is the primary driver behind the new building, just as it is for Aston Martin’s cars. “Everything it does is inspired and led by design,” Coto says, “which is why we’re partnering with them. Marek Reichman and his team have been directly involved, right from the selection of materials to the signature elements that will define the common areas.” Attention to detail goes right down to the presentation of printed material and the style and furnishing of the sales centre. “Every element has been created specifically for this project, all with the highest levels of craftsmanship.” 

Germán Coto

A typical living space with private lift access.

Coto’s personal Aston Martin is also a cut above the average. “The car I most admire is the Aston Martin Vulcan,” he says. “This is an exceptional sports car, a piece of automotive art.” 

Just one of 24 cars, the white Aston Martin Vulcan, specified by Marek Reichman, is more used to promotional duties than track work, occupying pride of place in the sales centre.

“I love sports and I’m passionate about outdoor adventure,” Coto says. “I am happiest when I’m free and discovering new off-road locations on my quad bike. That said, once I was introduced to Aston Martin, the power, speed and the adrenalin rush you get from driving one of the cars was instantly appealing.”

Germán Coto

The white Aston Martin Vulcan belonging to Germán Coto — one of an edition of just 24 — has pride of place at the sales centre.

The Aston Martin Residences offer a different kind of performance. The soaring exterior and spacious condos are joined by a fitness centre, full-service spa, cinema and clubroom, with spectacular ocean views throughout and direct access to the nearby marina. Coto is obsessive about detail and Reichman and his team have applied the same meticulous approach to the interiors — from door handles to bespoke carbon fibre furniture. “It’s a true collaboration between our two companies,” Coto says. “We are all working seamlessly together, sharing our ideas and knowledge to meet the highest expectation of our international clientele. It has been the perfect marriage of two teams that bring very different skills and experience to the table.” 

Germán Coto

On the banks of the Miami River, residents will have direct access to the turquoise waters of Miami via and exclusive yacht marina.

For Germán Coto, the Aston Martin Residences will be the perfect synergy of business and pleasure — no other company could bridge these twin passions so perfectly. “Just like everyone at Aston Martin, I am obsessed with design,” he enthuses. “The values G and G Business Developments and Aston Martin both share are timeless design, pure lines, perfect proportions and understated luxury. For me, the attention to detail is what makes Aston Martin a luxury brand and this is something I strive to instil in every project we undertake.”

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